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Our California Attorneys Provide Solid Defense Against Wrongful Death Allegations

Advocating for healthcare providers throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding communities

Perhaps the toughest moments in a physician’s career are those following the death of a patient. Distraught family members may feel bitter and heartbroken even if death was the inevitable outcome of a terminal illness. If the fatality was unexpected, shock and anger may accompany their feelings of grief. These emotions are often directed toward the doctors who did everything they could to save the patient’s life.

At Davis, Grass, Goldstein & Finlay , we are committed to defending doctors and other medical care providers in malpractice claims. Our lawyers apply more than a century and a half of experience fighting challenging battles in the court and before the Medical Board of California. You worked hard for your license and your career, and you continue to work hard for your patients every day. The death of a patient, although sad, is likely not your fault. We take decisive steps to prove your case in a manner that preserves your reputation, your financial well-being and your medical practice.

Defenses in medical wrongful death claims

The death of a loved one is a terrible tragedy for which, often, nobody is to blame. A patient may die as a result of the natural progression of a serious disease or may succumb to unavoidable complications during surgery. During our investigation of your case, we consider the following medical malpractice defenses:

  • You did not have a legal duty to the patient.
  • You acted as a similarly situated doctor would have acted.
  • Your actions did not deviate from the standards of your profession.
  • You disclosed the known risks of an operation or pharmaceutical drug.
  • The patient consented to the treatment despite the risks involved.
  • Your actions or omissions were not a proximate cause of the patient’s death.
  • A third party or the patient is responsible for the death.

Evidence in support of a wrongful death defense

Our lawyers gather important evidence to support your defense against wrongful death allegations. For example, in a surgical malpractice defense, we may present a consent form signed by the deceased patient to demonstrate that you explained the known risks prior to performing the operation. We may also present statistics and expert testimony regarding the level of risk of the surgery and the steps you took to minimize risks that conform to the standards of the profession.

Consult knowledgeable medical malpractice defense lawyers about wrongful death allegations

Call Davis, Grass, Goldstein & Finlay at 909.476.2662 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with our medical malpractice defense law firm. Our legal team represents medical care providers in Riverside and San Bernardino counties and throughout Southern California. We are conveniently located near the intersection of I-10 and I-15 and the Ontario International Airport.