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California OB-GYN Malpractice Defense Lawyers Who Help You Battle Negligence Allegations

Handling malpractice claims involving injuries to babies and women

Obstetricians face higher rates of medical malpractice lawsuits and pay higher insurance rates than most other healthcare specialists. Many doctors choose to enter the obstetric specialty to experience the rewards of bringing life into the world. Unfortunately, OB-GYNs may spend an unreasonable amount of time and costs fighting negligence claims.

The lawyers at Davis, Grass, Goldstein & Finlay draw upon 150 years of combined experience devoted exclusively to medical malpractice defense. We handle your defense so you can spend your time and resources helping women and their children with their medical needs, as you took an oath to do. You have the right to an aggressive defense, and our team ensures that you receive the justice and fair treatment to which you are entitled.

Childbirth injuries

In the United States, one in three babies is born with a birth defect. Although some are due to a doctor’s mistakes, most occur because of other factors, such as the following:

  • Environmental exposures — such as to certain chemicals or pathogens
  • Poor maternal health — such as diabetes or obesity
  • Mother’s actions during pregnancy — including smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs
  • Chromosomal abnormalities that cause genetic conditions
  • Mother’s age at time of pregnancy — which contributes to the incidence of Down syndrome
  • Malnutrition — for example, spinal bifida caused by folic acid deficiency

Even if a physician takes reasonable precautions, a baby may still be born with an unavoidable medical condition. Yet judging by the proliferation of malpractice lawsuits, OB-GYNs are expected to deliver healthy babies even under impossible circumstances. Parents blame doctors for problems that are completely outside of their control. For example, cerebral palsy is a medical condition that typically occurs because of random gene mutation, maternal infection or in utero fetal stroke and is rarely linked to difficult labor or delivery. However, obstetricians are sued regularly by parents claiming the OB-GYN’s negligent actions in some way contributed to their child being born with cerebral palsy.

Gynecological and obstetric injuries to women

Gynecologists take care of women’s health throughout their lives. They can catch cervical cancer through a pap smear and detect breast cancer through regular breast exams and mammograms. Unfortunately, they are also often blamed when, after taking reasonable steps, they are not able to diagnose cancer at the earliest stages.

Childbirth puts stress on a woman’s body. Although most women have healthy pregnancies, deliveries and postpartum experiences, some may sustain permanent injuries. Many factors, besides obstetric mistakes, determine whether a woman remains healthy during her pregnancy and after childbirth — such as her pre-pregnancy health, diet and weight.

Protect your practice, license and financial well-being from claims of gynecological or obstetrical negligence

To protect your interests if a patient alleges OB-GYN negligence, call Davis, Grass, Goldstein & Finlay at 909.476.2662 or contact us online. Our legal team supports doctors working in Southern California, including those in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Our office, located near the intersection of I-10 and I-15, is only a few minutes away from the Ontario International Airport.