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Our California Attorneys Defend Doctors Battling Pediatric Malpractice Allegations

Providing you with the high standard of care you give to your patients

Pediatrics is one of the most rewarding and challenging areas of medicine. You have the opportunity to help children grow into healthy adults through preventative measures. You give youngsters the means to overcome illnesses and injuries. However, sadly, you may also witness the difficulties caused by chronic illness, debilitating injuries or the tragedy of loss of a young life. Parents watching their children suffer often try to make sense of it all and figure out who is to blame. Although parents’ grief, frustration and anger are all understandable, these emotions may be misdirected toward the doctors who have their child’s best interests at heart.

The attorneys at the Ontario-based law firm of Davis, Grass, Goldstein & Finlay have a century and a half of combined experience defending doctors against medical malpractice claims in litigation and administrative hearings. Exclusively dedicated to representing healthcare professionals and facilities, our legal team has acquired the sophisticated medical knowledge and the polished trial skills necessary to provide you with an aggressive and effective defense. Our medical malpractice defense lawyers have built substantial professional relationships with healthcare experts in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California, which gives us a powerful resource.

Accepted standard of care criteria

A healthcare provider is judged by the accepted standard of care criteria — meaning, did the doctor or hospital act as a similarly situated professional or entity would reasonably have acted under the circumstances? In the case of pediatric negligence, the standard is how a physician would treat a child, not an adult. For example, in a high-pressure emergency room scenario, a doctor who fails to adjust the painkiller schedule to treat a child risks injecting the child with a lethal dose, even though the same amount would be reasonable for an adult in the same condition.

Claims of pediatric negligence

The plaintiff satisfies the breach of duty element only if the actions or omissions of the pediatric physician are determined to have deviated from the accepted standard of care. Families of an injured or sickened child may allege that you did not meet your duty of care because you made one of the following errors:

  • Misdiagnosed a childhood disease
  • Failed to monitor a high-risk SIDS case
  • Prescribed an inappropriate type or dose of a pharmaceutical drug for a child
  • Administered harmful drugs to treat mental health issues
  • Injected a medication that impedes a child’s physical or mental development

Consult with assertive pediatric medical malpractice defense lawyers

For more information about building a defense against pediatric negligence claims, call Davis, Grass, Goldstein & Finlay at 909.476.2662 or contact our firm online. Our lawyers represent doctors throughout Southern California, including in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. For your convenience, our office is located near the intersection of I-10 and I-15 and only a few minutes away from the Ontario International Airport.